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RAINBOW TEMPLE - A place to find your wishes, wash your dishes and open wide that heart!

March 30, 2018

Deep in the heart of Mullumbimby, in the curvy slopes of the mystical "Rosebank" lies a place built on frivolous fun, a child-at-heart innocence, captivating nature, spirited atmosphere and an ever changing influx of people. Uniting, re-uniting, connecting and growing together, bringing this world closer and more intimately connected with every conversation, story, laughter filled Air, or a simple soft gentle stroll at night through the forest. Not to mention the deep and mesmerising caves with GLOW-WORMS. Dug out by Guy and his trustworthy friends from the 80's onwards, since this place has first come to life.

My first journey with this magical place began in 2016. Whilst travelling with my then girlfriend and her children. Popping in and out of the crafty and unique stores in the Mullum centre, the kids were completing their fear busting homework assignment - to mingle with 5 random strangers, in perhaps the safest little big town in Australia. They would approach people they never met introduce them selves acquire their name detail something unique about them, where they work and something they are passionate about... If my memory serves me well. The short trip took an unexpected turn when we had entered an Art store across from the Commonwealth Bank. 

Entering this prestigious and modestly warm shop cultivated an instant feeling of relief. The mesmerising work created by people from different parts of the land drew me in to further inquire about the choices the business owner had made with her life as I broke down a few of my own barriers. I looked like a dishevelled hippy on his way back from a bush doof, with a leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end of my fishermans pants and earthy musk caressing my singlet as I approached the woman to finalise the 5th and final stranger one of the children has decided to meet and definitely felt at home being my self, for whom I am at any given moment it seemed, in her inviting, confident and captivating presence.

A conversation ensued that gave detail to her journey in Mullum, the magic and wonder of tactful and attentive intention setting and how your life can change in the blink of an eye.

Turns out the Rainbow Temple was a place her and her partner once called home, some 15+ years ago. It was there where she recalls wishing away into the star splattered night sky, burning a piece of paper in the moonlight as she saw her precious dream float away into the gentle breeze as a fulfilled desire, tiny burning embers scattered amidst the ash.

She wanted a house. A home her and her partner would settle their hearts into. The area was relatively new to them, not really knowing anyone in the region the Rainbow temple was a place they felt safe enough to balance and bounce their dreams into reality.

Her partner had worked with Guy building the otherworldly tunnel under the ground, which in time housed many glowworms and a sound cave, to appease the most romantic, brave and tender souls.

Although Mullumbimby features many special places where you can rest your heart, mind and body - from special camping places reminiscent of farms, with quirky and passionate caretakers, with many stories to share, with many chickens running around amidst wide open spaces and other visiting animals, to side of the road van sheltered spots where you can find your self picking a banana in the early morning from a friendly neighbourhood banana tree. As well as that, scattered throughout Mullum are many side of the road stalls with herbs, spices, honey, veggies and various other goodies. Many local markets and events frequent the area, from yoga to knife throwing and anything in between. Music is synonymous with the region and so is tranquility. "Cheer up, Slow Down and Chill Out" calmly welcoming you into the area on the drive in. Only a short hitchhike out of Byron, it would be a loss to not visit Mullumbimby at least once in your life, if the road is something you can call home for a little while. One of the other most amazing features of the area I've come to know is a concept called Balanced Earth, a building system designed to work with nature to afford you something much more precious than what money can buy. Kristen has focused most of her life and resources on making this world a better, more balanced and more sustainable place for all beings to live in harmony, tranquility and serenity. This is beyond evident in her incredible work. Both in the ethics, practicality and the professionalism of her approach to building a planet we can all proudly call home, with zero regrets and tonnes of cubic blessings and emissions of gratitude! Nice!

The rainbow temple is a safe place I have visited more than once and every time, I found my self in new company, that seemed to flow in together, like families returning to mingle and dance. From happy tree loving souls, enjoying naked yoga in the sun, to thoughtful and mysterious spirits who have the kind of gaze that makes you think "life sure is full of surprises". From musical entanglement, to fresh, authentic cooking by visiting chefs and of course, the over-the-fire stories that Guy is more than happy to share once or twice over the course of your stay. I'm not sure what season the Rainbow temple is in now, but I do know every time I have visited, my life expanded in miles and dimensions. 

At the heart of the place, is a multi-storey treehouse shaped in the star of David, a hexagram which in eastern mysticism represents the heart and indeed, love is abound wherever you turn.

In the tree house, you can find many dwellers with enough room for their own private space, akin to a resort like room. Off to the side are private huts and cabins for more secluded and private relaxation. A veggie garden a big kitchen, a trampoline and a rope swing can also be enjoyed, no matter what you are into.

The theme of the place is set by the mission statement hanging next to the kitchen bench, which sets unity, love, understanding and connection at the centre of all of the experiences possible at the rainbow temple. A place where schedules melt away, destinies collide and expansion is given away freely. 

Not much more can be said, that cannot be felt. Personally, the Rainbow place responsible for the birth of one of the songs I perform, a place I have healed deeply and a place where I have met some of the most incredible and interesting people to date...

Hopefully God/The universe will deliver me there to perform on their stage, one day soon... or simply rest in the tranquil, rejuvenating and uplifting atmosphere set by the cosy, tucked away forest nurtured environment the rainbow temple offers... A magical place, with magical people and magical things. Secrets of nature are revealed, hearts are healed, bonds are forged and souls collide, at times in a way that could change your life forever, like it did the now local and loved family in Mullum, who once wondered what life could be like if their dreams could come true...

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