Lost and Found, Melbourne
Easter Parade
Performing on the back of a float for a great cause. Giving is a way to relate to more people in better ways, when done right, giving our time, energy and money can change the world!
One of our fun performances as part of a group I founded caled - MANNIK
Fed. Square Melbourne - Festival
Deniliquin Match Makers festival asked me to play a part in their promotional performance
Deniliquin High School - Music Fun
Although Deniliquin is a place growing more and more fond of music, the times spent at the school are sure worth remembering..
Golden Vine Hotel
Golden Vine Hotel Bendigo. One of the more lucky evenings!
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As well as the performances on display. Some of the more amazing events to date have been:
- Motorcycle (Shovel Bike) Festival in rural NSW
- Shepparton Spring Nats car festival (Imagine us on the back of a float, playing to a crowd filled blocked off street, with a street full of Hot Rods and Muscle cars behind us. The theme was Long Way to the Top film clip ;) ) 
- Over 100 not documented shows all across Australia 
- Busking across the East Coast of Australia and New Zeland
- Various competitions and private functions, parties and events

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